On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Manufacturers

Electro Large Capacity Brine Type Systems

The Chloro Controls" Brand Elechlor® onsite sodium hypochlorite generation produces Chlorine in the form of Sodium Hypochlorite by means of Electrolysis of Salt Solution. Salt is at random charged in the salt saturator tank to form a saturated brine solution. This solution is then diluted to required concentration in the Brinometer assembly. The diluted solution is then passed through the electrolytic cell where low voltage D.C. is applied by a specially designed power supply unit for electrolysis, to produce sodium hypochlorite. The reaction is asbelow:

2Nacl + 3H²O = 2e + NaOCl + NaCl + 2H²O + H2 ¯

The Hypochlorite solution thus produced is then directly injected back into the main stream for disinfection of the water.

Design Features
  • Safe for Personnel

  • No Chemical Handling

  • Non Hazardous

  • Low Running Cost

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Chief Controller of Explosives exempt

  • Dual Tank Water Softener included

  • Requires no special operational skills

  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant material

  • No setting of dosage every time the dosing pump is started.

  • Cooling Water Treatment

  • Water & Sewage Treatment

  • Pulp & Paper Bleaching Systems

  • Swimming Pools

  • Odor Control