Gas Chlorination Systems

Emergency Kit A for Cylinders

  • Reliable Proven operation of the Emergency Kit "A".
  • Superior materials of construction.
  • Can be used on 100 Kg. Chlorine Cylinders.
  • Gas Cylinder Pressure Gauge on Panel.

The Chloro ControlsTM Brand SuperTM Emergency Kit "A" is designed for emergency arresting of accidental chlorine release from cylinders, which are either in use or are stored in a storage room.

The Emergency Kit "A" contains devices to stop leaks at the valves and the wall of the Chlorine cylinder, which confirms to the standard design from the Explosives Department Nagpur, India.

Chloro Controls has designed the Emergency Kit "A" to contain most leaks, which may be encountered in Chlorine cylinders. The Kit designs and accompanying Instruction Booklet are drawn from sources believed to be reliable. Chloro Controls makes no guarantee and assumes no liability, either as to the instructions or to the Kits to which they apply. The user should be aware that changing technology might require a change in the devices themselves or in the Instructions concerning their use. Appropriate steps should be taken to insure that the material is current when used.

Breathing Apparatus or other protective equipment are NOT included in the Kit, but must be usedleaks.

It is field tested and proven to work on 100 Kg. Chlorine cylinders.