Gas Chlorination Systems

Emergency Toxic Gas Shut-Off Systems

  • Low cost shutoff system
  • Actuator installs easily with no special tools
  • Electronically closes valve, approximately in 6 seconds
  • Fits standard valve configurations
  • Operator can open / close valve manually
  • Quickly terminates leak to prevent gas exposure to personal and community

The Capital Controls India Emergency Toxic Gas shut-off system has been designed to satisfy the needs of users of gas cylinders with respect to health and safety concerns regarding the safe isolation of potentially dangerous gas cylinders.

The Capital Controls India system shuts down a ball valve, which is secondary to the gas cylinder valve, this ensures that if either of the valve fails one can manually switch offthe toxic gas supply.

The concept of this shut-off system provides for ease of Installation and operation. Thus ensuring the system is simple but highly effective. Each system comes with the following key components.

• Chlorine Institute Design Clamp

• Vacuum Regulator Mounting Arrangement with factory fitted gas valve.

• Electrical Control Panel.