Industrial Sea Water Electro Chlorinator System

Elechlor Sea Water Electro Chlorinators

Sea Water Electro Chlorinator System

Elechlor® seawater systems are available in a wide range of models producing from 500 Gms. of Chlorine equivalent to multicell models producing 200 Kg/Hr. and above. Every standard system includes tubular high velocity & Reynolds number cells guaranteed for continuous operation above 5 years. The system is complete with transformer and rectifier, safety controls, inlet / outlet piping assemblies with flow controls, and piping & instrumentation that makes installation easy.

Design Features
  • Safe for Personnel

  • No Chemical Handling

  • Non Hazardous

  • Low Running Cost

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Local & Remote Control

  • Self Cleaning

  • Fully Instrumented

  • DC is SCR Control

  • PLC Logic

  • DCS Interface

  • Complies with US-NEC, IEC & IEEE

  • Modular Construction

  • Skid Mounted

  • Bipolar Electrodes

  • 5 Years Guaranteed Anode Life

  • Process Guarantee

  • Hydrogen Disengaged by Storage Vessel

  • High Efficiency

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Requires no special operational skills

  • Indoor/Outdoor installations

  • Modules enclosed in Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cubicles

  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant material

  • Cooling Water Treatment

  • Water & Sewage Treatment

  • Pulp & Paper Bleaching Systems

  • Shipping & Marine Ballast Water

  • Dairies & Food Processing