Water Treatment Systems

Manufacturing Essentials

Our production unit located at Belgaum, Karnataka is one the key components to our execution in the industry. In this ever evolving market continuous improvement towards our facility for substantial growth in the National and International market is the requirement. There are three components that describe the facility:


The unit can accommodate up to 150 employees. It is 5000 square meter and a height of 9 meter. The unit is equipped with industry standard machines to create all items in house the facility. The reason for our quality assured products is our variety of capabilities:

  • CNC machines
  • Designated Engineering Teams
  • Quality management systems

Our commitment to product quality and quality management lead us to create the most quality controlled tailor made systems. The quality standards are maintained by our in house teams backed by quality accreditations in ISO 9001:2008.We are growing day by day and to maintain the highest standards we need to implement quality checks through the organizations. Capital Controls India Pvt.Ltd strives to create a world class experience for every customer.


Belgaum is an industrial town well connected by all major modes of transport Air, Rail, Road, Bus. It is just 500 km away from Mumbai, Bangalore and 100 kms from Goa.It is connected by Air daily flights from Mumbai to Belgaum Airport. Bus and Rail services are also conveniently connected to the location.

CNC Machines

CNC Turning Center’s and Vertical Machining Centre’s of reputed International manufacturers are used to manufacture components to Precision from the smallest to the largest component, ensuring high quality and repeatability of components for assemblies, which ensures zero failure in the final product.

Test Bench

All our Gas Chlorinators are assembled and tested to rated capacities to ensure fail proof equipment.


Brazing is done manually; our braziers are regularly trained to employ correct brazing techniques. Constant use of jigs and fixtures along with high quality brazing flux and brazing torch ensures good quality and leak free joints and maintains correct dimensions at all times.

Leak Detection

We take any kinds of leak very seriously. Leak Detection Testing is therefore a very comprehensive exercise at Capital Controls India. We use state of art Testing equipment for this purpose and even the minute leak is detected by this method. Our operators are well trained in using these techniques.


We ensure our packing is robust, optimum and can withstand any container travel by ship or air to any destination in the world. We have the ability to manufacture a range of custom Engineered systems which can be skid mounted for Air or Sea transportation in 20 foot or 40 foot containers.


More than just manufacturing as per customer specifications, we also bring to you the services of our team of Engineering Design specialists. The team is one of the key reasons behind our technical excellence and the main driver behind our Value Engineering initiative.