Water Treatment Systems

Chlorine gas is the most widely used reagent for disinfecting water treatment systems. It possesses very considerable residual oxidizing capacity and is therefore useful for the destruction of organic.

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The process is based on the electrolysis of seawater as it flows through an unseparated electrolytic cell. The resulting solution exiting the cell is a mixture of seawater.

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Chlorine Dioxide is a yellow gas with an arcid colour. In a concentration of more than 10% by volume in air it is explosive, but it is quite harmless in solution in water and used under vacuum.

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Ozone is an unstable gas obtained by the ionizing action on oxygen of an electric field derived from a high potential, a violet discharge is the visible result. Ozone is obtained industrially by passing

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Our Core Competence ?

  • Our extensive experience and association with an international alliance gives us a cutting edge over the competition
  • We are equipped with the latest know-how and technology to deliver economically viable solutions
  • Scalable, tailor-made solution to meet your specific needs
  • High standards of quality and safety measures inbuilt
  • Great customer support service

About us

Pioneered in 1972 by Mr. M. B. Kocha, Capital Controls India is a leading provider of comprehensive water treatment systems & water disinfection products and solutions, catering to both products and solutions as well as services in the Indian and International markets.

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Our commitment to quality is most exemplified by our state of the art manufacturing facilities and processes. All our machines including the dies and tools are manufactured by the best in the business, and the average age of all equipment is less than ten years.

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Anodes / Electrolysers

We have in-house facilities for the manufacture of Dimensionally Stable Anodes and Cathodes which are coated with Precious Mixed Metal Oxide coating from the Platinum Metals Group. These electrodes are of Plate or Tubular type. Facilities included are Acid Bath, Shot...

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After Sales Service

We offer complete after sales service for Gas & Electro Chlorination plants supplied by us in India and Abroad, which includes supply of Spare Parts, Installation and training for Installation of such parts supplied. Complete operation & maintenance of such plants...

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