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We have in-house facilities for the manufacture of Dimensionally Stable Anodes and Cathodes which are coated with Precious Mixed Metal Oxide coating from the Platinum Metals Group. These electrodes are of Plate or Tubular type. Capital Controls India has grown learning from past requirements and has created and advanced line of electrolyzers and electrodes to cater to every users need.

Recoating / Refurbishing-Electrodes

Capital Controls India has the required experience and technology to recoat existing electrodes by disassembly, removing the old coating, executing the application of new coating. The disassembled electrodes/anode undergoes advance treatment process and then the newly coated electrodes are assembled back in to the casing. The resulting new anode/electrode performs better or up to the same level as the existing anode/electrode.


We offer complete replacements of anodes/electrodes, the new installed anodes work better or at par with the existing electrodes. It guaranteed to have a service life of 5 to 7 years. Depending on the environment and your specific requirement, the anodes/electrodes are created give you a good combination of efficiency and service life of the electrolyzer.

Our quality management systems and designated facilities to carry out the below process is an important factor in producing these electrodes/anodes.

MMO Coated Electrolyzers
Plate Cell Electrolyzers

ELECHLOR converts natural seawater into sodium hypochlorite by the means of electrolysis process. The instant production and implementation on site can be used to utilize for disinfection purposes and water treatment. ELECHLOR offers unique assembly with ease of replacement of the electrodes installed in the electrolyzer casing. ELECHLOR offers advanced technology in onsite hypochlorite generation.

  • Specially Designed and Assembled
  • Safest Design and Durability
  • Ease of Implementation and service
  • Economical Ergonomics
  • Dimensionally Stable Anodes
  • Custom Made to suit user needs
mixed metal oxide coated electrolyzers
Tubular Electrolyzers

Tubular Cell technology is created for seawater based process. These advanced Tubular cells are created with titanium tubes with an enclosure, with required safety measures. It is complete protection against Bio Fouling and also offer replacement and recoating of the cells.

  • Installation, Operation and After Sale Service
  • Tailor Made Construction
  • Replacement and Refurbishment of Cells
  • Consistent Performance
  • No acid wash Required
  • No Chemical hazardous evolved