Gas Chlorination Systems

Series 1610 Single Point Gas Detector

Chlorine Gas Feed Systems

Capital Controls India Single Point Gas Detector, Series 1610B provides continuous detection of chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas in a normally clean air environment.

Model 1610Bgas detectors are ideal for protection of personnel and property wherever chlorine or sulfur dioxide is unloaded, stored or used.

Highly sensitive, the detector monitors gas levels below OSHA requirements for either chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas.

The sensor responds immediately to the presence of gas, and quickly recovers after the gas has cleared. The sensor is also designed to eliminate false alarms caused by interference gases and environmental conditions.

Series 1610B design includes protection against radio frequency /electromagnetic interferences (RFI/EMI) typically present at industrial and municipal plants.

The modular design for the gas detector provides easy installation of the receiver and sensor module.

Design Features
  • Maintenance-free, long-life sensor

  • Dual alarm output for remote warning and device control

  • Audible and visual alarms

  • Rapid response to chlorine or sulfur dioxide

  • NEMA 4X enclosure

  • Power backup for continuous operation

  • Indicator for remote monitoring

  • RFI/EMI protection

  • Portable water disinfections: well water, surface water plants.

  • Slime and algae control: Irrigation system, cooling towers, rechlorination points.

  • Wastewater disinfection: Packaged plants, lagoons, and industial effluents.

  • Process Water: chemicals & pharmaceutical manufacture, food.

  • Cyanide chromium removal, metal finishing wastes.

  • Recreation water: Swimming pools, fountains, spray ponds.