Gas Chlorination Systems

Series 1620 Multi Point Gas Detector

Chlorine Gas Feed Systems
  • Chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas detection
  • Monitors 1 to 8 locations
  • Automatic or manual scanning
  • Maintenance-free, long-life sensor
  • Front panel setup and control
  • Audible alarm annunciator
  • RFI/EMI protection
  • Optional remote indicator
  • Optional power back-up

Capital Controls Multipoint Gas Detector Series 1620B provides continuous detection of chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas in a normally clean air environment in up to eight (8) distinct locations.

The modular gas detection system consists of a single indicator/receiver and a sensing module for each location (up to eight locations) for monitoring for the presence of either chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas. Series 1620B is designed to continuously and independently sense for the presence of gas. The system can be expanded in the field, as requirements change, to monitor up to eight locations.

The sensor module incorporates an electrochemical sensing element and conditioning electronics required for operation with the receiver. The sensing element and conditioning electronics are housed in a high-impact, corrosion resistant, NEMA 4X enclosure and may be mounted up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) from the receiver. The sensor module may be located indoors or outdoors.