Gas Chlorination Systems

Series AS-1043 Relay type Automatic Switchover

Chlorine Gas Feed Systems
  • Automatic Switchover with Manual Override.
  • Warning Lights.
  • Safety Interlocks.
  • Remote Indication of Source Depletion Valve status.
  • Nema 4X / IP55 Enclosure.

The Super Automatic Switchover system Series AS-1043 provides safe, reliable switching between two gas (pressure or vacuum) or two liquid (pressure or level) sources assuring an interrupted supply of chemical to the application. A local manual override is conveniently available for operator control to maintain continuous operation.

The system consists of a 3 way motorized ball/plug valve in contrast to the regular 2 ball valve design in contrast to the conventional 2 independent valve design which are prone to failure and result in accidents due to flow from full battery to empty battery, this system is failsafe.

A Red light indicates Mains ON. Red light indicates valve open and dispensing, green light indicates valves closed, amber light indicates full source in standby, and white light indicates empty source. All Indicating Lamps are marked with labels. Two front panel switches provide for selection of automatic switchover or manual override, in case of manual override, which stream to open or close.

An automatic switchover system when used for pressure operation consists of low-pressure switches for each source, motorized 3-way ball/plug valve, and three expansion chambers for liquid sources. When used for vacuum operation, the system consists of motorized ball valves; high vacuum switches that signal when the source becomes depleted and optional bypass valves.

Design Features
  • Safety features, unique to the automatic switchover system, reduce or eliminate the probability of operational problems occurring and guarantee the highest levels of safety for personnel and plant.

  • Motorized 3 way Ball / Plug Valve used in the system.

  • Panel lights indicate one of several conditions to the operator.

  • Auxiliary contacts for remote indication of source valve status.