Gas Chlorination Systems

Series EL225 Electrical Vaporizer

Chlorine Gas Feed Systems
  • For Vaporization of Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide or Ammonia.
  • Ranging upto 12000 PPD (227 Kg/hr)
  • Heavy Construction.
  • Efficient water circulation design.
  • Automatic Temperature Control.
  • User-friendly operator interface.

The Super' EL-225 electrically heated vaporizer automatically vaporizes and superheats liquid chlorine at a rate controlled by the gas feed system. The vaporizer is designed and fabricated according with Section VIII Div. I of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Series EL-225 also meets the recommendations of the Chlorine Institute. The vaporizer is housed in a corrosion resistant and attractive FRP cabinet.

Design Features
  • Heavy Construction: 1/2" wall thickness of the vaporizing chamber exceeds the ASME Code by more than 50%. Design affords excellent water circulation by natural convection, no additional circulating pumps or mixers are required.

  • Automatic: Water chamber temperature is automatically controlled by a PI D Temperature Controller.

  • Convienent: Minimum attention is required by operating personnel.