Gas Chlorination Systems

Series WP840LX Automatic Gas Feeder upto 10 Kg/hr

Chlorine Gas Feed Systems
  • Worldwide standard for gas feeder technology
  • Safe and reliable all-vacuum operation.
  • Front access service
  • Space saving wall panel design
  • Superior materials of construction
  • Variable capacities up to 500 PPD (10 kg/h)
  • Microprocessor based automatic controls
  • Remote vacuum regulator mounting
  • Automatic switchover gives uninterrupted service.

Capital Controls Series WP840LX gas feeders are wall panel mounted and vacuum operated.

Easy to install for indoor installation, each Series WP840LX wall panel is factory tested and needs no field adjustment prior to start-up. Seven different flowmeter capacities ranging from I 0 to 500 PPD (200 g/h to I 0 kg/h) provide versatility in meeting gas flow requirements.

Wall panel gas feeders consist of a wall panel, vacuum regulator and an ejector. The wall panel includes Capital Controls automatic valve, gas flowmeter, controller and differential pressure regulator mounted on the corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty panel. The controller receives signals from a water flow transmitter and/or chlorine residual analyzer. The automatic valve responds to signals from the Controller. If multiple feed points are required, remote meter panels and additional ejectors are provided. A switchover module is offered to provide for uninterrupted service.

Design Features
  • Modern Design: Superior materials of construction provide durability.

  • Reliable: Over 35 years of experience with all vacuum operation, integral venting system, double thickness main regulating diaphragm

  • Safe:Regulator has a separate independent vent and integral pressure relief device.

  • Versatile: Cylinder, ton container, wall or manifold vacuum regulator mounting. Variety of ejectors available for all applications.

  • Automatic switchover: A separate, independent vacuum operated device that does not require manual reset. Each vacuum regulator has flow indication, a separate independent vent and an integral pressure relief device. The Capital Controls microprocessor controller is field configurable for three chlorination and two dechlorintion control modes:

  • Flow:Proportioning valve position to process flow.

  • Residual:Single, integral action, opening valve based on residual set point.

  • Compound Loop:Simultaneous proportioning valve position to a combination of flow proportioning and residual control. If one signal is lost, the controller automatically proportions based on remaining signal.

  • Feed Forward: Valve position control directly proportional to flow signal multiplied by residual signal, provided by built-in multiplier Automatic wall panel units include: - Controller, automatic linear gas feeder control valve with electronic manual adjustment switch, flowmeter and differential pressure regulator. For uninterrupted gas feeding on a round-the-clock basis, an automatic switchover system is provided. Gas flows under vacuum from the regulator in service until that source is depleted, then the switchover module automatically switches service to the standby source. The standby supply will not be accessed until the supply is service is exhausted.


For process water, waste treatment and watertreatment in the municipal or industrial marketplace.

  • Disinfection: Potable water, municipal wastewater.

  • Dechlorination: Textiles, wastewater effluent.

  • Slime and algae control: Irrigation system, cooling towers

  • Process water: Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, food (wash down, canning, bleaching, taste and odor control)

  • Cyanide, chromium removal: Metal-finishing wastes.

  • Zebra mussel control Process water: Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, food (wash down, canning, bleaching, taste and odor control).

  • Technologically Advanced: The Capital Controls Controller provides microprocessor-based control, fully field configurable with gas flow output signal. The controller accepts a signal from the flow sensor and/or residual analyzer. An automatic linearized gas feeder control valve is provided for reliable control.

  • Spare-saving & Convenient: Controls are located at eye level and are easily adjustable. Saves valuable floor space in new and existing facilities.

  • Ease of installation: Simplicity of design and modularized components minimize installation time. Factory assembled, pre-wired, pre-piped (where necessary) and tested requiring only utility connections.